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Physics, philosophy and power

Welcome to the homepage of philosophy. If you are interested in atheistic-scientific philosophy of life then it is the right website for you.

This website compares the different philosophies of life. Science and philosophy are very important here. This website is about an atheistic philosophy of life. The first thing we should do is to look at our world today. Our philosophy of life is impressed by the past. This means that many things which we do base on traditions and social norms. The question we have to discuss is how urgent it is today. The world gets more and more modern and many old things are forgotten, but until today for human beings there exist words like god, soul and ethics. A question which interests me since a long time is why people believe today in the same way like in former times. I mean that because of new discoveries there are less and less things where we can say that they are made by a god. Nevertheless many people believe in a god in many different forms, which are called religions. We have to serach the reason for all this in the past. The most simple explanation for the formation of a religion is that in former times the population was very poor and they were not able to explain many phenomens in nature. On of the most known examples are earthquakes and eclipses of the sun. Today it is not a problem for us to explain these phenomens, but in former times these phenomens were explains with god. One possibility was that people prayed and then they thought that the responisble god will spare their life. And this is one of the elementary emotions of human beings, fear. One reason which was because of the missing knowledge about nature was the fear, the other reason which was because of the poverty was the joy. These poor people in former times hoped to find joy in heaven. In this way it is possible to explain objective why religions has been formed, but this explanation is atheistic, because no theologian would explain it in this way. A theologian would say that in fromer times people has a contact to god. Maybe he will tell us something about some miracles, too. There is also another important point, which theologian always use. They say that the world is so ideal that there must be a god. This means that everything functions so good for the life of the people. Scientists say that people could live because everything functions so good. So you you how easy it is to make from a scientific statement a theological statement and the other way round, you must only reverse it. Now we should look at the atheitic side. Atheists do not believe in god and in any soul. The first question for somebody who is not an atheist may be, how somebody can live without something transcendental. For the most people life is something transcendental which we could not touch. My question is why and the answer is quite simple. The most people believe what they see with there eyes and what happens to them. They collect experiences in their life, they believe in them and they give it to further generations. People are convinced that human beings are something very special in the universe and because until today it is imposible to build a human being or another organism people are convinced, because of their experiences that it is imposible to build a human being. These experiences were given from one generation to the other. But we must not wonder that people think that they are better than other matter, because our brain is made so. Maybe now you will understand why I use the word power, which I will are also use in the past. In nature human beings had to fight like any other animals. Only the most powerful animals survive. This self-confidence of human beings goes so far that they think that they are the best of all in the universe. People with more power feel more important and they are treatened with more repect by our society today. All countries and also our nature on earth are build up of power. When I look at a stone, at a table or at a chair my instinct says: "I am much better, this table has not done anything in his life, I can do everything I want to do with him. He has not got a will." But now we have to think about considerations which are unbelievable and very abstract for us. These two formulations that the table has not done anything and that it has not got a will a subjective. And this is what we always forget or we do not think about it. Human begins have invented the will. It is not a reason to say it is less important than other matter in the universe, but not more. Before we will continue with the atheitic-scientific explanation we should look at the power in the past from the religions. We know that all world religions exists since many generations. In this connection power is a very important word. I and all atheists are of the opinion that religions have been invented to manipulate people, because with stories about gods you control people very good. But it is also connected with the fact that in former times people do not much about natural laws. There exist people who are calles priests and they say that they have got a connection to god. They tell people that good people come into heaven and bad people into hell. I ask myself if these inventors of the world religions had believed themselves in these religions. This obidience of the people in former times is understandable, because often they were not educated like the priests. So it was possible to say these people what they have to do and they have done so, because they were afraid. Emperors like kings could strengthen their power with the help of religions. Many scientists and philosophers, who were convinced of the atheism und who explained phenomens in nature which were explained with the help of god, were very dangerous for the religions, because they discovered the real reasons and the people saw the mistakes of the religions. These scientists and philosophers had many problems, because they were called heretics. Now let us go back to the scientific expalanation. For science it is not logical to believe in a god, because first there are not any prouves and second it would not be logical for the natural laws. Some theologian may that we have invented logic and that it is subjective. And it is right, because it is subjective, but we must not forget that logic had never let us down in our researchs. Maybe it will sound a little bit instrumentalistic, but for scientists it is always more important to find the best tool to explain a natural phenomen and then to search for the real reason. And logic is a tool, thes best tool and even if it is subjective we can depend on logic. This is the scientific prouve that god does not exist. Now we will prouve that a soul does not exist. This may be more interesting that only to prouve that god does not exist. Most of the people I talked to said that they are not convinced that god do not exist. They can imagine a world without god, but it is very difficult for them to imagine a world without a soul, because the soul is not an external thing like god, but here we talk about something which may be in everyone of us and this is the reason why it is so difficult. I will try to explain it logical to you, because my experience is that many people which I have told about it, thought that they understand it, but in they have not understood it. If somebody who knows this topic very well reads this page, I might say that I would not insult him with this sentence, but this website is also for people who are not atheists, but who want to know something about atheism. We have spoken about a man without a soul, but we have not said how a man like this can live, but it is not difficult. Science think that human beings are a combination of atoms and molecules which make life possible. This is easy. This theory says also that human beings are made of the same matter then the hole universe. This imagination is for many people very strange and it is difficult for them to imagine it. Their first answer is how can we make of dead matter vivid matter. This classification into dead and vivid matter and the general classification into dead and vivid is subjective. When we look objective there is not a big difference. Matter is matter. When we look objective then all our feelings like love and thinking for example are movements of atoms and molecules, but when we look subjective feelings and thinking are the most important for our life. This has got many consequences. When this theory is right and I am convinced that it is right, because I am an atheist then words like natural and synthetic would not make sense. When we say that a human being is natural and the thing which had formed him is also natural, then everything which he makes is natural too, because first he is made of the same matter and second he is not more important than the thing he has made. When we want to use only the word natural, but not the word synthetic we might leave the word natural out, because without the word synthetic the word natural does not make sense. We can say that is manmade, but this word is not a so hard division like the word naturla and synthetic. This means that in future it will be possible to build a human being of a chair, a table or another thing. I do not speak about cloning, but about real building. Until today it is impossible for us, because human beings are to complex. We always say that human beings are able to think and machines not, but this theory shows us that human beings are only more complex than machines. Before we will be able to build human beings, we will be able to live forever with the help of cell regeneration. This means that we will be able to make our cells younger and we will look as old as we want to look. Today scientists tries to find a possibility for immortality. Many people which I have told about the possibility of building human begins even said that maybe it will be possible, but it will be also very sad for them, because then life would not make sense and fun. Now we can maybe say that we can do everything we want to do. But we are a part of the universe ans we are allowed to think subjective. So we should not change our life stil. We should make a good enviroment for our life, which is also subjective and we should make the best of life. With the knowledge that god and soul does not exist we should live more easy. It does not mean that we should fight each other, but we should make a good world. So we also have not got a reason to have a bad attitude forward people from our continents. From the beginning of the life on Earth we were like animals and we thought that we are the in the universe, but throught the evolution we now see that it is not so. This theory wants to show you the objectivity of space-time. But we cannot reach the objectivity, because we are a part of the universe and as a part of a system we cannot say anything objective about this system. Most of the scientists are atheists, because they have discovered the logic of natural laws and they see that god and soul are not logical. In the end I want to say something about philosophy. Philosophy is a territory which describes the thinking and feelings of human beings very good and this is the reason why we should not forget about philosophy, even if we know this scientific theory. All this is also subjective, but I must say that I like the East-Asian philosophy, even if this philosophy is connected with religions like buddhism, taoism and shintoism, because this philosophy is very helpful for us. Buddhism believes in reincarnation, which is not scientific, but the philosophy and here I mean meditation and calmness are very helpful for us. So in this world religion we have found a positive aspect which we should use for our own calmness. When we will be able to build human beings, then we will be also able to modificate our brains and get more lucky, but before it will be so far meditation is one of the best possibilities to be calm.

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